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About Us

Melon Gaming

Melon Gaming is an exciting and highly creative company focusing around delivering games and services for the mobile and web platforms.

Centred around Melon Editor, a no-code/low-code game creation engine, we are investing in technology foundation to enable anyone to build and deploy quality games. This allows us to market and deliver services for both professional and independent game developers all over the world.


We are aiming to enable anyone to become a game developer and to express their wild imagination and creativity through our solution by proposing the lightest weight yet powerful and most well-structured solution for game creation.

We also provide support, online training and services to assist you in deploying mobile games on multiple platforms and also support multiple languages.

The company's game creation engine has been developed since 2017 and has produced several games projects, including Garden Invasion, and glory or destruction.

Our company is based in the heart of Asia's most vibrant city, Jakarta - Indonesia, with dozens of highly motivated and qualified game engineers.

Our Partners

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Jio games

Your one stop destination for gaming With High quality, and popular games delivered straight to millions of people in India. With many platforms that they provide for India market, Melon gaming are in partnership providing games in all of their platforms.

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Gamesnacks by Google

Google Gamesnacks is a HTML5 game platform by Google, Melon gaming partnered with Google Gamesnacks to make a game for them called Sushi Grab, Which can be played with SushiGrab.

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Internet for everyone. KaiOS brings the best of smartphones to affordable devices. Melon gaming are in partnership with Kaios gaming platform,providing them with the light and fun type of games.

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Facebook builds technologies that give people the power to connect with friends and family, find communities and grow businesses. Melon gaming with melon editor are making games for everyone that love to make games and be able to publish on the facebook instant games.

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platform that turns a smartphone lock screen into a billboard for advertisements and news content. So it not only benefits users but also helps advertisers to reach their target consumers more effectively and efficiently. Melon gaming are in partnership with Cashtree, whom offer melon gaming games and melon editor on their platform.

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Ensoft provide various comprehensive services related to mobile content and technology. Melon gaming are in partnership with Ensoft, whom offer melon gaming games on their platforms.

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Play it

Playit is game platform With a simple click,and get access to hundreds of Premium games ads free and with no in app-purchases to make your gaming experience simpler and more fun. Melon gaming are in partnership with Play it, whom offer melon gaming games on their platform.

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Yandex Games

Yandex Games is a section of the popular Russian search engine and technology company, Yandex, which offers a variety of online games for users to play. In addition to its own games, Yandex Games features games from a variety of other developers and publishers, including melon gaming games like shot for hire, slide master, and fuel rage.
You could find our games here : Fuelrage, Shot for Hire, Slide Master

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Game Distribution

A game distribution website is a platform that provides access to a wide range of video games for players to download, purchase, or play directly on their web browsers. Melon gaming as game developers has release shot for hire to the game distribution website.
You could find our game here : Shot for Hire

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Html5 game browser platform that provide high-quality, entertaining and engaging licensed game content that player will really love and enjoy.