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About Us

Melon Gaming

Is an exciting and highly creative company focusing around delivering games and services for the mobile and web platforms.

Centered on melonJS, a lightweight yet powerful game engine for 2D game creation, we are investing in technology foundation to enable anyone to build and deploy quality games. This allows us to market and deliver services for both professional and independent game developers all over the world.


We are aiming to enable anyone to become a game developer and to express their wild imagination and creativity through our solution by proposing the lightest weight yet powerful and most well-structured solution for game creation.

We also provide support, online training and services to assist you in deploying mobile games on multiple platforms.

The company's game engine has been developed since 2011 and has produced several games projects, including Garden Invasion, and Police vs Gangster. Our company is based in the heart of Asia's most vibrant city, Jakarta - Indonesia, with dozens of highly motivated and qualified game engineers.